My research centers on questions of interactional order, trust, identity, and reputation, with a focus on high-risk environments and particularly those where external mechanisms of enforcement are absent or weak. My Ph.D. thesis (Hustle) employed observational and interview data from fieldwork in Europe and the United States with subjects who were drug gang members, independent drug dealers, traffickers, prostitutes, Dominatrices, Mafia associates, and sports bookies (an article I wrote on bookies for VICE magazine can be found here).

I continue to build on the theoretical and methodological agenda set by my thesis, and in a variety of settings. I am presently working on three distinct book projects: 1) A series of case studies for a co-authored book with Miguel Centeno, Discipline, which is under contract at Princeton University Press; 2) An online ethnographic study of trust and identity practices in Deep Web marketplaces for illicit goods; 3) An ethnography of interaction and the honor code in professional ice hockey.

I am also working on a co-authored ethnographic project with one of my undergraduate students, in which we examine social rules and norms of global elites. And in June 2016, with another undergraduate student, I will shoot a documentary film in Minnesota on the trafficking of Native women and teenagers into sexual slavery.