My Ph.D. thesis, Hustles, the basis for my current book project, was a multiyear ethnographic study of participants in a variety of illicit and illegal endeavors in the United States and Europe. My research subjects were drug gang members in the South Bronx; independent drug dealers across NYC; elite prostitutes and Dominatrices; Mafia associates in the United States (an article I wrote on mafia-associate bookies for VICE magazine can be found here); Mafia affiliates in Sicily and Calabria, involved in local, regional, and transnational corruption, money laundering, and drug trafficking; and drug dealers on the Deep Web. An article I wrote on smartphone app drug sales can be found here, an academic article I wrote on the ethics of online ethnography with illicit populations, can be found here.

At Princeton, I taught a class on this research - 'Hustles and Hustlers' (SOC 223) - the highest enrolled class out of over 1,400 Spring semester courses. In Spring 2017, 457 students enrolled and there was a 120-student waitlist.